We offer tabletop gaming models, pre-printed miniatures, and 5e Adventures for your home games.
You sure can, please visit our Print on Demand link at the top of the page, provide your information, upload your model, and we will get back to you with a quote.  We will provide any supporting necessary and provide you with the best print quality possible.  After your print has been received, we destroy the model that was sent to us to ensure IP protection of third parties.
No, but they can easily be modified to meet the needs of your TTRPG!
Our products are shipped through the United States Postal Service via Priority Mail service.  Each shipment is packed safely, insured, and off to you within three business days.
Most of our miniatures on printed on demand.  We do have our most popular models in stock.
No.  Our models will be printed, supports removed, and resin washed clear of the model.  We will then cure the model and perform some preliminary cleanup prior to shipment.  Models that require assembly will be prepackaged together for you to put together and may require additional cleanup and assembly.  Any work above this will have additional costs associated with it.  Please reach out to us for a quote if you would like your model paint ready. 
Of course we will!  We have a team of talented mini painters that can, for a fee, paint the models you order from us.
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At Stag’s Heart Games, we strive to provide our customers with the best 3D printing services we can. We have a massive 4k 3D printer farm and we can print your 3D print needs.